ACI Concrete Flatwork Technician & Finisher

Knowledge of basic concrete technology and proper concrete flatwork practices are critical to produce durable concrete flatwork that meets industry standards and the satisfaction of project owners.  To increase the technical knowledge and quality of work provided by the concrete industry, ACI, British Columbia Chapter, in partnership with BCRMCA and EXL Engineering Inc., have collaborated to present the ACI Concrete Flatwork Finisher & Technician Certification courses.  These courses provide concrete flatwork finishers, contractors and engineers with recognition of their knowledge, skills and expertise. 

Participants of the full-day lecture, who obtain a passing grade of 70% on the written exam, will receive a 5-year Concrete Flatwork Technician certification.  Individuals with this certification can upgrade to full Flatwork Finisher status upon submittal and approval of sufficient work experience and/or successful completion of the ACI performance evaluation. 

For more information on  ACI Certification Programs please contact BCRMCA at or 604-626-4141 or visit the American Concrete Institute website.