Basic Concrete Technology Workshop

This two-day course presents an overview of the properties of concrete as needed in concrete construction, including strength and durability.  Students receive a copy of 'Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures (8th edition)', published by the Cement Association of Canada, that is used as the basis for the presentations that include:

  •      Fundamentals of Concrete
  •      Portland Cement
  •      Supplementary Cementing Materials
  •      Aggregates
  •      Admixtures
  •      Mix Design Parameters
  •      Placing and Finishing Concrete
  •      Curing and Protecting Concrete
  •      Specifications & Ordering Concrete
  •      Field Testing
  •      Volume Change & Jointing
  •      Surface Defects
  •      Environmental Stewardship
  •      Sustainable Development    

For more information on this course please contact the BCRMCA office at or call 604-626-4141.  To find out when the next Basic Concrete course is being offered, click here.