Concrete Delivery Professional Certification Course

A qualified Concrete Delivery Professional (CDP) must have a good basic understanding of the product he mixes and delivers.  This two-day course covers the fundamentals of concrete, vehicle maintenance and operation, environmental stewardship, safety, and customer and company relations. 

This CRMCA certification course is offered by BCRMCA to drivers who work for BCRMCA members only and requires pre-qualification of a minimum number of 2000 hours experience, validated by employer.  Students must pass a written exam and physically perform a pre-trip inspection on a ready-mix truck to receive CDP Certification that is valid for three years with the member company employer.  It is not transferable to another company.  Certified drivers will receive a certificate and laminated wallet card. 

Course materials (a manual and PowerPoint presentation of each of the five modules) may be purchased by BCRMCA member employers for self-study and in-house training sessions and can be presented by a company representative who has either taken the course or has thoroughly studied the course material.  A senior driver or mechanic with a thorough knowledge of, and experience in pre-trip inspections, is qualified to perform the mandatory pre-trip inspection evaluations.  The course instructor can administer the exam which would then be forwarded to BCRMCA for grading.

For more information on this course please contact the BCRMCA office at or call 604-626-4141.