BCRMCA Plant Certification

One of the functions of the BCRMCA is the circulation among its members of technical information about ready mixed concrete plant equipment and facilities, so that member company plants may be built and maintained to the highest level of efficiency and operation.  To enable the members of the Association to provide assurance to their customers that their equipment is in good operating condition and has the capability of producing quality concrete, the Association offfers the "Certification of Ready Mixed Concrete Production Facilities" (the Audit Check List) prepared under the direction of the BCRMCA Technical Committee.  This document is based on the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) plant certification check list, and the plant certification programs by the Alberta Ready Mixed Concrete Association (ARMCA), the Atlantic Concrete Association (ACA) and the Ready-Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario (RMCAO), and current Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements for plant, equipment, and materials.

This document, detailing the requirements for plant certification, provides producers with the means of obtaining a Certificate for display which indicates that the plant, because it has the proper equipment, in good operating condition, has the capability of producing quality concrete.

To be eligible for a this certification the plant must be inspected by a BCRMCA accredited professional engineer, registered in the province of British Columbia, and conform to the Audit Check List.  In addition to carrying the signature and seal of the inspecting engineer, the Certificate must be signed by the principal company executive attesting that all equipment and materials will be maintained within the requirements of the Audit Check List.  The full cost of inspections will be borne by the producer member.

PDF Document HERE

List of Accredited Engineers HERE

Plant Certification – BCRMCA Member: $25.00 annually plus engineering fees in full re-certification years

Term 3 years - Certification and decals are issued annually 

Engineer reports are required in Year 1. The plants current scale calibration reports along with a signed Members Agreement must be submitted in Year 2 and Year 3 for issuance of certificate and decal.

Plant Certification - Non-Member: $3,000, plus the engineering fees  

Term – 1 Year

*This rate differential is based on the fact that Plant Certification is a BCRMCA Member Benefit and that, as non-members, there is no way to confirm that the companies adhere to the BCRMCA Code of Conduct.  The certification documentation, registration and maintenance is funded by member dues so cost recovery on time and infrastructure required to maintain the program is also included.

For more information please contact the BCRMCA office by phone at 604-626-4141 or info@bcrmca.ca.