BCRMCA Mission Statement

We are your source for concrete solutions.

Our mission is to provide a member focused organization for the growth and protection of the ready–mix concrete industry in British Columbia through training, promotion, member engagement and advocacy.


  • Training:
         - Deliver concrete technology and environmental programs to association members and the 
           construction industry
         - Deliver industry related presentations to educational institutions, other associations and the
           concrete industry

  • Promotion:
         - Promote the use of concrete as the building material of choice
         - Promote the environmental and sustainable advantages of ready-mix concrete versus other
           building materials.

  • Member Engagement:
         - Encourage member participation through:
              - Data driven strategies
              - Commitment to analysis and feedback
              - Member dialogue

  • Advocacy:
         - Proactively address industry issues
         - Develop new and maintain existing influential partnerships