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The Move Toward Concrete Pump Operator Competency Certification in BC

The BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) and the BC Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (BCRMCA) are seeking to enhance safety in concrete pump operations in the province by putting in place a concrete pump operator competence framework. The goal of the framework is to create a set of concrete pump operator competence standards that can guide better practice, training and evaluation of concrete pump operators in British Columbia.

The plan is to deliver an industry-adoptive program for a comprehensive safety standard that goes beyond what is currently available. The program will be a voluntary, safety and competency certification for concrete pump operators throughout the province of BC. All industry stakeholders agree that it is essential to form a consensus on the competency and safety standards. To this end, a collection of industry subject-matter experts have been identified and are primary reviewers of the first iteration of the standards. Consultation meetings will be held throughout the province and on-line that will provide program insight to industry. These meetings will also be a forum to collect additional commentary and feedback to be included in honing the standards.

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